Building a Life of Stability

I read an article on Quora by Michael Santos where he talks about his release from prison after serving 25 years. He talks about the plans he made for his release and what he did in the months following. Two paragraphs stood out for me: [Read more…]

Help Finding A Sober Coach

The Sober Coach Network is designed to help you find the best sober coach for you or your loved one. Sober coaching is a relatively new segment in the recovery field. It’s getting some attention in the media in the last few years due to high profile stars like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen hiring expensive coaches.

For big stars and the wealthy, hiring a sober coach who can follow them around every waking moment is an option. But what about addicts who can’t afford that kind of expense?

Where does an addict or alcoholic go to find a sober coach to help him rebuild his life? We intend to give you the information and resources you need to find a qualified coach you can afford. To see what a sober coach does and how they can help you go here.

If you need help please go to the contact form and send us a request.