How Can A Sober Coach Help?

Here are answers to the most common questions about how a sober coach can help:

What Does a Sober Coach Do?

A sober coach helps addicts and alcoholics develop life skills and balance so they can live free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol. A sober coach can help an addict find their direction and help him to discover his purpose and build a meaningful life. When addicts have meaning and purpose in their lives it gives them hope and a reason to stay clean.

Sober coach lifts you up

Coaches Lift You Up

What Does a Sober Coach Not Do?

A sober coach is not a drug counselor, therapist, medical professional, interventionist, or legal advisor. A sober coach can give general advice based on his or her experience in the above areas, but should not be deemed a professional when it comes to medical or legal matters.

What Are the Qualifications for a Sober Coach?

At the present time there are no specific qualifications for a sober coach to hang up a shingle and start coaching addicts. There are a myriad of certifications for drug counselors and recovery coaches, but there is no specific certification for sober coaches. This may change in the future as more sober coaches are getting into the business.

Obviously a sober coach should have some time clean and sober. I’d say three to five years is a minimum amount of clean time a sober coach should have before coaching others.

In my opinion, the sober coach should have direct experience of having been an addict or alcoholic. I know there are effective drug counselors who have never been addicts, but I personally would never hire one because I don’t feel they’d be able to relate to me as well.

The main qualification of a sober coach is a former addict or alcoholic who has a few years clean and who knows how to help other addicts build life skills and balance to help them stay clean.

Do All Sober Coaches Recommend AA?

Most coaches encourage addicts and alcoholics to get involved in NA and AA for the support and to learn the principles which they teach, but coaches generally do not make this a requirement to work with someone. There is also the SMART recovery program and the “build a life that matters and has meaning and purpose” method. One way does not work for everyone.