Who Needs a Sober Coach?

Any recovering addict or alcoholic can benefit by having a sober coach. It’s certainly possible to stay clean and sober without a sober coach, but having a coach on your side can improve your odds.

Who Can Benefit by Having a Sober Coach?

Anyone who’s experienced the pain and losses of constant relapse knows the high cost of the cycle of getting sober, relapsing, and starting life over again. An addict’s life is on hold during these cycles. Losses include time away from family and loved ones, financial losses, careers being destroyed, and a huge hit to personal self-esteem.

Though sober coaching is a relatively new addition to traditional recovery treatment options, we believe it will soon become a popular and effective choice for people who want every advantage in their quest to stay sober.

At What Stage of Recovery Can a Sober Coach Help?

There is no precise and universal answer to this question because there is no hard data that can be used to quantify results. But most experts in the field recommend that an addict should already be clean and sober for a few weeks or months before enlisting the help of a coach.

In general, an addict needs to get clean and sober in a treatment center first to get stabilized mentally and physically before coaching can be effective. Counselors and medical staff in the treatment centers can provide the higher level of treatment that’s often needed in the early stages of recovery.

A sober coach can help the most during the second stage of recovery when an addict is trying to put her life back together.

Who Should Not Work with a Sober Coach?

Anyone who has mental health issues, is suicidal, or who does not have the desire to stay clean and rebuild their lives should not use a sober coach. Mental health problems are best treated by trained professionals.

What if I Already Have a Sponsor in AA?

Having a good sponsor in AA to help guide and support you in recovery is a great relationship to have and will help you. Most sponsors are caring and have balance in their lives and can give an addict solid direction and support.

There are exceptions to this and some sponsors may not be a good fit for a person due to their personality and method of working with an addict.

There is no formal training for someone to act as a sponsor in AA. Some sponsors teach a process they’ve developed themselves or learned from their own sponsor. If you have a good sponsor, continue to work with him. A sober coach can still benefit you by teaching you life skills and helping you to gain balance in your life.

Can I Stay Clean and Sober Without Hiring a Sober Coach?

Yes, you can definitely stay clean without a coach, and since coaching is a new field, the majority of people have stayed sober using traditional treatment methods. However, there are countless addicts and alcoholics who are chronic relapsers and stay caught up in the cycle of recovery/relapse for years. These are the types of addicts who may benefit greatly from having a coach to teach them how to build a life they don’t want to throw away by drinking or using again.